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Why hire an On-the-Day Wedding Coordinator?

You've spent days, weeks, months, a year, or even years planning your wedding day, but when it comes to the day itself, how and who are you going to trust to ensure that every detail and plan you made, will go just the way you imagined it? A Wedding Planner offering and an On-the-Day Coordination Service is your answer. But why?


Weddings are a huge life event and can be an emotional time. Handing everything over to a wedding professional you trust to take are of all the logistical arrangements in the run up to, and on your wedding day, leaves you free to just look after yourself and your to-do list. Eat well, sleep well (if you can) drink plenty of water and let your Wedding Planner handle the logistical stresses.

Problem Solving

No wedding day goes with a glitch somewhere along the way, having a wedding professional there who you have entrusted with your plans, who is able to think on their feet and solve problems without you even needing to know about them, allows you to get ready feeling more relaxed knowing everything is being handled for you, the way you wanted it to be.

Timings and schedules

Part of my On-the-Day Coordination Service includes creating (or reviewing current) timings and schedules for clients . I then call round all the suppliers before the day to introduce myself and provide them with my contact details and their schedule for the day. I welcome and keep track of suppliers arriving on the day, ensure they keep to time, and ensure that everything throughout the day runs to schedule. You shouldn't spend the day looking at your watch!

I have been at several weddings where the speeches have run on for hours and the evening guests are waiting, but the wedding breakfast hasn't even finished. How many times have you waited around for hours as a guest because Uncle Norris disappeared just in time for the family photo now all the guests are drinking the bar dry and might not be able to stand for a toast! An On-the-Day Coordinator will ensure the pre-planning accounts for and avoids any hold ups - and ensure the right guests are on hand for the photo's!

Who wants to work on their wedding day?

When you have planned everything yourself everyone turns to you for all the answers to their questions, they expect you to solve any problems that arise. I was astounded when a guest at my wedding reception turned to me to ask if I could get them more bread! I have also attended a wedding where the bride was shown to the wedding breakfast room prior to her guests, only to find the centrepieces were not as she had asked them to be (she had included very clear instructions and pictures). The bride was then having to show staff very last minute what should be done.

Having someone there on the day means you don't have to fetch bread or check all of your instructions had been followed.

Won't the venue coordinator or friends and family do this for me?

Whilst many venues have a wedding coordinator who will look after the venue and ensure everything goes the way you planned it from the venues perspective, hiring an independent wedding planner who is working only for you, really ensures that you get the day you wanted. Whilst friends and family are happy to help, often they do not want to be responsible for decisions on your day. In both cases, both the venue coordinator and friends and family are still likely to come to you to solve an issue. A Wedding Planner offering an On-the-Day Service is a wedding professional that you have sat down with, discussed your day in every minute detail, and trusted to look after the day for you; so all you have to do is enjoy it and concentrate on the most important bit, marrying the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

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